The Roles Of Medieval Women In The Middle Century

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Middle Ages was a period of tremendous social, political, and economic change. It was also a time of tremendous linguistic change for Middle English was born through the marriage of Anglo-Saxon language from the natives and Norman French language from the Norman invaders. People were categorized into classes. These classes were given specific roles to fulfill in their society. During the medieval period, rural life was governed by a system called “feudalism”. Common people were divided into serfs and peasants. Serfs were bound to the land and were almost like slaves. While, peasants were poor farmers who cultivate owned or rented lands. Both of these classes work for nobles for the rich gave them military protection and the use of land …show more content…

All women are dependent on their husbands for the financial support the family needs. Medieval women were given narrow choices in their lives: to marry or to 'take the veil' and become a nun. Medieval women were categorized based on their sexual activity: virgin, wife, or widow. They were also elevated to an ideal, an image of perfection that cannot be attained, through the Chivalric Code. Women were bound to maintain their purity, their virginity until marriage, not to engage in any sexual activity. Women were confined to their houses to tend to their home and children. For aristocratic women, they have servants to supervise. Men and women of today are given equal opportunities and rights. Men are still the same as before. While, women are being empowered by the society. They are allowed to work and earn money for themselves. They are seen as people capable of making decisions for and by themselves. They are not categorized according to their sexual activity. They are not strictly confined to their houses to take care of their family for the rest of their lives. But, some

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