The Roles Of Men And Women In Ancient Greece

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There was immense variation in the roles of men and women in ancient Greece. Gender was treated very differently than it is today. While we may still have sexism that is very apparent in our modern day, it is nothing compared to how differently men and women were treated in their respective city states. In ancient Greece citizens were commonly divided up into classes which decided how they were to be treated. These classes defined their status in the world and structured their way of life into a hierarchy. This classification was not limited to just what family you were born into but also to your gender. Men were seen as the head of the household. Their main jobs were to engage in politics, provide for the family and, prove their masculinity. Women on the other hand has limited privileges. Their main concern was taking care of the family. These differing roles in gender continued throughout their whole entire lives. Starting in the early life and continuing into there marriages. This essay will delve deeper into the roles of each gender and explore the similarities and differences between women and men in ancient Greece. Childhood in ancient Greece was a very well planned out and strict period of time in a citizens life. Starting from when you were born, choices that effected your future were made based on a standard in Greece at the time. If you were born a girl you could have been thrown away as if you were trash because boys were considered more valuable. If you were

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