The Roles Of The Elizabethan Period

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The Elizabethan period, named after the greatest Queen of England - Queen Elizabeth I who ruled England during that time, is considered to be the most splendid age of the history of English Literature, the golden age of English history and one of the greatest periods of world history. It was a time of many changes and developments and remarkable feats were achieved during this time. But how different is it exactly from the present? At the same manner, how is it akin to the present? Monarchy, a political system based upon the undivided sovereignty or rule of a single person, were a dominant form of government during the Elizabethan Period, not only in England, but in the surrounding countries as well. The monarch of England during the Elizabethan…show more content…
The role of both men and women at that time were hardly any different than it was before. The Elizabethan women from wealthy and noble families were sometimes allowed the privilege of an Education but the Elizabethan women who were commoners would attend school not receive any formal type of education. Their education would be for the preparation of the only real career option for a girl that was considered at that time – marriage. Being married was immensely desirable by all women of the lower classes. Living their life in a convent or nunnery was no longer an option to remain single as a result of the dissolution of the monasteries. Therefore, the only alternative to marriage for Elizabethan women of the lower classes was domestic service. Those women who did not marry or haven’t married were thought about by their neighbors as witches and were subject to suspicion. Due to this, all Elizabethan women would be expected to marry, wives were regarded as “property” of their husbands and the women were expected to get married and be dependent on the male population all their life. Though the role of women in the present is still not equal as that of men, the role of women has immensely changed over the generations. Much restrictions were either removed or loosened. Nowadays, women can receive formal education and go to exclusive schools, marrying is not the only career option for them as they can now work professional jobs and do much of what they weren’t allowed to do in the
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