The Roles Of Women In The Odyssey And Wonder Woman

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In the span of our history, women have always been outcasted as “something else,” to put lightly. Cultures tend to see women in different lights, usually ending up being the assumption that all women are home goers and weak, and not as strong and willed as their male counterparts. Not to say many women do not follow this assumption. Nonetheless, women can be perceived in many more lights than only one simple assumption. The Odyssey views women as strong, but ruthless and snake-like. Wonder Woman views women as strong, but weak and useless as well. Both these pieces of literature show women in the many limelights society has seen over the years. Both The Odyssey and Wonder Woman show women in different ways, together as strong, and separate in their own ways.
In both Wonder Woman and in The Odyssey, women are not just seen as the typical “flowers” society has implemented upon them. Instead, they are seen as strong warriors who can stand up and fight for themselves, in some cases better than the men counterparts. Diana and Athena first come to mind as two who really fit the warrior name. Athena in The Odyssey is seen to be fighting alongside Odysseus, or at the least assisting him, throughout the duration of all the books. She is a ruthless warrior, and what even is said about her is “But not even so would Athena save one man from death” (Homer 291). As a god, she does have that advantage of being almighty and powerful. Even so, being a women at the day of age did not stop

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