The Roman Empire

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When it comes to civilizations in our past what comes to mind? Some may say the Greeks, others may say the Persians, but one of the most underrated of the past civilizations was the Roman Empire. The Roman way of life and “Pax Romana” set up a standard of what defined civilization great. However, what was it that made the Roman life great? Was it the rules, the system of government, the virtues of the people? I believe what made the Romans so mighty was a blessing from God due to the outpouring revival of their hearts. However, to fully understand how their hearts were revived for Christ and how God had His hand on them we must take a look at the past of the Romans After many years of war and internal strife amongst leaders and the people the Roman government was on its path to peace. Rome suffered many struggles during its transition from City-States to Republic. Under the leadership of Octavian Caesar (1), He had decided enough was enough and it was time to end this political instability. Through a series of political moves was able to secure Him absolute power without making it look like it was overpowering the people. Through this Octavian ushered in “Pax Romana” which is a Latin term for “Roman Peace”. This Roman peace lasted for over 200 years and brought much prosperity to the region. To quote Aelius Aristides in his writings on “The Blessing of Pax Romana” he says (2): “Let us pray that all the gods and their children grant that this empire and this city flourish
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