The Romanticism: An Influence On English Literature

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The romance, as a literary creativity, is known to date back to the ancient Greeks - during the second and third centuries - whose works were written in prose to describe how two lovers overcome difficulties before they were eventually united. A similar experience was faced by the knights of the Middle Ages and was immortalized by romances narrated in verse and distributed by the troubadours throughout Western Europe about ten centuries later. And, in England, a group of poets came to revive the spirit of the knights of those romances and dominated the literary scene in the nineteenth century when they countered the rationality established by neoclassicism during the era of the Enlightenment.
Objectives of the Research
This paper aims first to underscore the significance of the romance in the history of English literature, second to highlight its influence on the later movement of Romanticism, and third to delineate on what grounds were both deprecated.
Research Questions
- What is the contribution made by the romance to English literature?
- To what extent is Romanticism influential on literature?
- Who took to deprecate the romance and the romantic tendency in literature? …show more content…

Yet, more significantly, the principles of chivalry facilitated important changes in attitudes regarding the value of women as Bromiley states in his Encyclopedia (1994; 272); for the first time in European history, ladies became regarded with a transcendence of premeditated thought by chivalries who conducted themselves graciously and bestowed upon ladies the utmost courtesy and attentiveness. And as highlighted by James Sweeny in The Dictionary of the Middle Ages, 1983, a chavalier was to echo shades of this attitude to all women, regardless of class, age or

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