The Room Was Beautiful As Well

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If she were someone else, somewhere else, she might have been sitting diligently at a desk typing reams of spreadsheets and answering phones until she never wanted to speak to another person again. Or she might have attended a class, furiously taking notes or running her hand through her hair as she agonized over a test of some kind. It didn’t particularly matter, as instead she sat in a room, facing forward and blinking ever-so-slowly with her hands clasped together in her lap. Her name was Enni, and she was very pretty with big, doe eyes and a curvaceous figure. She was perhaps twenty or maybe in the last years of her teens, one couldn’t tell the age from looking at her face, only that it was perfectly youthful. She did not mutter to …show more content…

Her dress, a pretty yellow thing that swished with each step, was reflected dozens of times, each more grotesque than the last. She didn’t even dare think of what could make her face that way, but she suspected boiling water poured in steady increments. If she looked away or her eyes unfocussed, a light bolt of electricity would surge through her body and make her legs kick out. This kept happening, but they had planned for it. You see, very little was asked of a Bellus’ intellect. Few would call them feeble-minded, but even fewer would allow them near any sort of transport vehicle. Deep in her own mind, she considered how much it might hurt her to try and wrest the perfect chair from the ground and hurl it at the perfect walls. For a brief moment, she dreamed of it. The wall would shatter into a thousand pieces, armed guards would come streaming down the left hallway—for that was the direction they brought her from—and none of them would dare harm her. She was a Bellus and what were they, except Labor? She pitied Labor. It didn’t do for a Bellus to think on the heaping amounts of food Labor got—the seasoned stews, the rich chocolates, the buttered breads, or the creamy cheeses—so she pitied them and continued to dream. Her thoughts turned to how she would walk over ruined wall and glass and back out onto the teetering city walks without a single care in this or any other world. Her sister would

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