The Royal Experience : An Analysis Of Battle Royal Essay

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The Royal Experience: An Analysis of “Battle Royal” The short story “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison characterizes about a well-educated young black male who strives to find his own identity. The protagonist refers to himself as an … “Invisible Man” (Ellison 1). He lives in the deep South where race and gender defined an individual’s equality and right’s. He is invited to read his graduation speech at a private gathering in front of his towns elite white members. The young black man felt honored until, he was informed that he should participate in a battle with other colored males. He quickly recognizes that he is serving as a pawn to enliven their entertainment. He gives insight to the reader about the black man’s experience in a white man’s world. The young black narrator is always compliant to the rules of his race, but he remains positive that he can break through the black and white barrier of oppression. The author exhibits various aspects throughout this story to define how the settings of this piece were utilized to enhance the readers understanding of the theme. The distinct examples of settings include but are not restricted to are: the deep south, the main ballroom, the nude blonde female, and the boxing ring. These instances reflect the theme of racism and the struggle for equality, for these conditions could not be attained by minorities especially in the South. First, the Southern setting is incredibly important, for it represents minority control and racial

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