`` The Run Of His Life : The People V. O.j. Simpson Essay

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Jeffrey Toobin says in “The Run of His Life: The People V. O.J. Simpson” that, “It was the last leak in the case-from the sheriff 's deputies guarding the jury to their colleagues guarding Simpson: O.J. was going to walk”(429). It might have been the last leak, but it was one too many in the trial of Orenthal James Simpson. Simpson was a famous football player which brought a lot of national attention upon him. Every major network covered the trial. But, did the media play a bigger role than some may have anticipated? The trial of The People vs OJ Simpson was not necessary conducted by jurors, but by the media by use of leaking news and yellow journalism.
Many authors had agreements and disagreements about the media 's role. Authors such as Mary Melton in “How High-Speed Car Chases Became a Citywide Pastime in Los Angeles” makes an interesting case by arguing that over 5000 car chases happen in California and that the media over reacted on this one because it was a famous athlete. Authors such as Richard L. Fox, Robert W. Van Sickel, and Thomas L. Steige in “Tabloid Justice: Criminal Justice in an Age of Media Frenzy”, argue that the trial was literally the trial of the century. Derek H. Alderman argues in “TV News Hyper-Coverage and the Representation of Place: Observations on the O. J. Simpson Case” that the media spent a enormous amount of time covering the trial. My argument agrees with there’s and is that they spent a lot of time on the trial and use strategic

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