The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692 Is One Of The Biggest Events

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The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 is one of the biggest events in American History. Before the trials began the Protestants, and the Catholics worked together to hunt down people that practice witchcraft. It is said that people that practice witchcraft use powers to bewitch others, and those that are accused of witchcraft must face a consequence. The trials began when two young girls became ill, and accused their slave of bewitching them. Then the spectral evidence case against Bridget Bishop was brought to court, and ended in execution along with twenty others.
The Salem Witch Trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of Witchcraft is very much tied into the Catholic religion, and the Protestants. The Protestants …show more content…

They could make their victims see them in a demon figure. They had the power to get inside their vic-tims heads, and torment them into doing anything they asked. They had ways of making their victims speak without them being responsible for any of the words coming out of their mouth. They would mentally and physically abuse their victims. They always had something over their victims, so the victims would never speak up (“Matthews”, 1).
There are different kinds of punishments for being ac-cused of witchcraft, but before a punishment is given, the victims go before a jury. The jury asks questions that could imply that the person is innocent or guilty. The jury would examine the victim for unusual markings, or do some experi-menting. They would take the victim to a pond, and dunk them under water. If the victim drowned, he was innocent, if the victim floated he was pronounced guilty for using magic to float. If one was proven guilty the jury would then decide the victim’s punishment. Punishments for the victims are being ex-ecuted, imprisoned, or being burned at the stake. If someone is to confess to being a witch, the person will be let go, but put to shame forever (Aronson, 97).
In the year of 1692 two young girls named Abigail Wil-liams, and Betty Parris started to become very sick, and act in a horrible manner. They would throw tantrums, and destroy anything in sight. They made unusual noises, and babbled things that nobody could

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