The Scarcity Of Water Crisis

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The water crisis has been known in the world for many years now, but as time goes on people have not realized the greater effect this has had on the world. Most people who know about the crisis do not know the regions it affects and frankly seem to not care unless it affects them directly. The shortages of water have led to health concerns and money problems in many countries. Both of these factors correlate because if health problems go up so does the economic issue. India has been one of the regions hit badly with the recent depletion of water. It has many small cities that people have never heard about, that suffer much greater than this country as a whole. The overpopulation in India is not helping solve the scarcity of water and with …show more content…

Rural cities in India, for example in Chennai, suffer from clean and properly treated water, although the government may be helping a little. Factual evidence states, “although piped water facility in the rural regions almost doubled in past two decades, there are still 171 million people in rural regions who use surface water as the primary source of water” (Kuberan 3). Water shortages are a far bigger concern and if that many people suffer in small city, what about the rest of the country? Although many rural cities do have water filter systems, the growing population is not supported by the amount of water and they have to settle to different “time zones” to get water. One city may not get water until midnight while another only gets it at 8 am. As stated in a poll, “Water supply timing was the biggest challenge faced by the majority (94%) of the people” (Kuberan 3). The timings of the water can make it harder to survive because some people may need water during the day but may only get it at night. The lack of any water in India is a major reason that India, compared to many countries is suffering the most.
In addition to not getting any water, India suffers from commercialization and privatization of water companies that are trying to make more of a profit on an already low income country. Many companies are trying to set water at price to

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