The Scarlet Letter and the Crucible Comparison

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Skyler Vincent English 2333 Amanda Cuellar April 04, 2012 In The Crucible and The Scarlet Letter, they are both known to be a part of the Puritan religion. The puritans are known to be very strict. Often people are put to cruel punishments for mistakes or sins they had committed. The actions they take to “punish” a person are extreme. The Puritans act and seem so committed to their religion. The people seem “Holy” but you never really know what happens behind closed doors. The Puritan religion is so strict is causes members to become corrupt. There are huge conflicts that take place in both books. The crucible is built up on a bunch of lies. The lies grow bigger each day and more people, innocent people, get thrown into the…show more content…
(The Scarlet Letter 96) This was said by Dimmesdale to all of his people. The statement was in plain sight and yet the people did not grasp the outcry of their shameful pastor. A corrupt preacher will lead to a corrupt church and that is what he did because he let them mistreat Hester and did not preach against the cruelty they had towards her. The puritans were so oblivious to reality that they were against the innocent and were for the sinners and this deeply applies to The Crucible, seeing as though they killed many innocent people because one girl lied. As for the puritans, they really could not cope with the evidence of their senses because they were metaphorically “blind”. There was sin all around them and some of them that were trapped inside the sin, yet they could not face reality and realize that they were not as perfect as they once thought. The members of the Puritan church were so grounded in their religion the thoughts, rules, and decisions should have been unlawful and this and many other reasons cause them to be a corrupt society. The crucible and The Scarlet Letter are the perfect example to stand by the statement of the Puritans being corrupt. These two books are a great representation for a long time ago and these events still happen today except instead of Puritans it is the Amish. These are the reasons as to why there is an everlasting

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