The Secret Of Empathy, Enlightenment, And Internal Growth Essay

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The Secret of Empathy, Enlightenment, and Internal Growth There are two senses of reality: external and internal. External reality is an observable universe, but perspectives differ and thus cause different opinions. To experience internal reality is to confuse one’s own reality with a shared reality, resulting in a loss of empathy and disregarding how others are affected. An external mindset displays an understanding of different opinions in a shared world, whereas with internal mindset a person’s devotion to a belief becomes their private world. When a person is passionate about their beliefs they tend to disregard other perspectives, or live internally. This is a common practice because, depending upon upbringing, different moral values have been instilled in the person. Typically, people will not partake in activities or actions that defy their morality, so they tend to align with others who share similar values. However, people who are unwilling to think beyond their own beliefs lose their sense of empathy. The more devoted a person is to their morals, the less empathy they might have. When we look outside ourselves to other perspectives, we can better connect to an external rather than simply an internal reality, approaching the world with an enlightened state of mind capable of both empathy and consistent growth. A less narrow-minded person is capable of accessing an external reality. Typically, it seems that the more devout citizens are more closed-minded. They

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