The Secret Of Happiness By David Myers

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Heidi Alfaro
English Composition 1101-61
Professor Kate
8 October 2015 Personal Happiness A powerful quote said by pre-socratic philosopher named Democritus says “Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul”. In other words, happiness does not come from materialism but instead from the things money can’t buy. In the article The Secret of Happiness the author David Myers writes directly to Americans about how he believes we need to obtain a new “American Dream” that emphasizes personal happiness instead of materialistic happiness. Myers also believes happiness resides in the soul and he says people that think money is the key to happiness are actually less content with themselves and he uses various ways to prove this point. With that being said materialistic happiness vs personal happiness is an important issue, and Myers made a strong use of Logos by showing surveys and studies, Ethos by showing credibility in his argument but he could have used more Pathos by using more emotion and enthusiasm in his argument. To begin with, in the The Secret of Happiness Myers begins by talking about the original “American Dream” which is materialism. After that he says that Americans are getting too caught up on materialistic happiness and not focusing enough on achieving personal happiness. Myers also writes what he believes are the four most important things that lead to a happier lifestyle. Those aspects according to Myer’s are, close

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