The Secret Of The Illuminati

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ng head: ILLUMINATI Illuminati Mario Zimaridis English Composition Lamar Community College September 22, 2015 Since its formation, the Illuminati has been focused on taking over the world. The Illuminati is best known for being one of the most prestigious, secret societies in the world (Discovery Channel, 2013). Yet, many wrongfully assume that the Illuminati no longer exists. Despite this belief, Illuminati symbols are present throughout mainstream society, supporting the groups existence. However, the Illuminati will go to great lengths in order to ensure its secrecy is maintained. Therefore, the need to make others think that the Illuminati no longer exists is a central theme in the group’s strategy for world domination…show more content…
3-8). As a group of elite individuals, the Illuminati knew that they would need to disquise themselves as regular members of society, and secretly work together to overthrow governments throughout the world and achieve their goals. Yet the Illuminati further recognized the importance of power in overthrowing national governments and forming a world government. Although this goal would not be easy, the Illumati is still dedicated to creating a new world order. The violent plans of the Illuminati were first uncovered in 1785, after the Bavarian government exposed the group. At the time the group was discovered, the Illuminati was planning on creating a war in France, which would later become known as the French Revolution (Dice, 2013). The Bavarian government tried to warn France of the impending doom. However, France did not believe that a secret society could be capable to creating such devistating conditions. Yet the widespread losses and senseless violence in the French Revolution helps demonstrate that France should have feared the Illuminati. After exposing the Illuminati, Bavaria banned all secret societies. In an attempt to preseve national security, all existing members of the Illiminati were imprisoned. Yet, identifying members of a secret society with a dedication as strong as the Illuminati’s would
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