The Secular Leaders From The Catholic Church

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Brigette Dakovich
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The Secular Leaders

From The Catholic Church: Our Mission in History (white book by the window) on pages 126-128. How did the different kings of the 400s effect The Christian faith? What were the positives and negatives of each?

The Christian faith was effected differently dependent upon the king at the time, and the changes they decided to make. Sometimes for the positive and sometimes for the negative. Originally the Church and the Roman Empire in the East worked closely together. By the mid-400 's the commander in chief, who was named, Odovacar, was king of the Goths, (he deposed the Western emperor in 476.) Then Theidoric became king of the eastern Goths, he managed to keep the peace, however he had one major different religious belief. Thai difference was that the Romans were allied to the Church of Rome; the Goths, Theodoric included, were Arians. Theodoric granted religious freedom to all. Clovis, king of the Franks was baptized and had thousands of his soldiers be baptized with him. (The Franks were the only Catholics.) Clovis used the Church to unite the people, and had a set order of religious rituals. As the Franks spread Arianism died out. However then disagreements arose amongst the bishop of Rome and patriarch of Constantinople of theological matter. So Denis the Short created the canon law, he also changed lists of the saints, and he started a new calendar—one dating from the year of Christ 's birth (what we use today.)
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