The Security Evaluation Methodology And Analysis

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1. Abstract

Emergence of technology not only widens scientific horizon it also gives problems for the jurisprudence, legal system and legal world. The Information Technology which is made up of Computers, Internet and Cyberspace give problems for the law. Current system and its framework has proven to be inadequate in case of handing with Information Technology itself as well as while handling with the alterations induced by the Information Technology in the way of peoples living. The courts all around the globe is facing these problems. So there is the Cyber Laws in action which are there to control these crimes and for this crimes to stop proper evaluation techniques to verify the strength of an specific system is extremely important. …show more content…

This money was then transferred to different bank accounts in Hong Kong.
An additional fund of about US$ 21 million was also transferred illegally to a third party in Sri Lanka. The attempt was not successful in totality because of a typing error that notified one of the routing banks and transaction was stopped. In place of typing "foundation" the attackers spelt it "fandation". This alerted a forwarding bank the Deutsche Bank to ask for clarification from the Bangladesh Bank, which stopped the transaction. This spelling mistake stopped the stealing of money. Still the hacker successfully in stole $81 million in first four transactions. This heist from national reserves shocked many in Bangladesh and abroad. Doubts are being expressed about the country 's readiness to protect its financial infrastructure, which is undergoing digitization. Different investigations were carried out by various enquiry commissions like FBI, Bangladesh Banks appointed committee & CID officials of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi investigation results managed to identify at least 20 foreign nationals involved in the cyber heist till date.
3. Analysis of the attack

The following illustration gives an overview of how the whole attack was done:

Conventional Malware
Malware which attacked Bangladesh Bank, the country’s central bank, was custom made for this job, and shows a significant level of knowledge of SWIFT

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