The Security Measures Protect The Digital Infrastructure

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Introduction In an age where every sophisticated industry relies on computer systems and data centers for its operations, any kind of vulnerabilities in such system might provide an opportunity for exploitation to someone with an inappropriate intention. The constant threat of digital breach and exploitation gave birth to the field of Cyber Security, which is the field of technology dedicated to protecting computer devices and information systems from unintended or unauthorized access to the software, hardware or the information they hold. It also involves preventing disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. The banking industry, which supports the financial infrastructure of every today’s world, is heavily reliant on the digital assets that it employs. Every financial institution owns a plethora of information about its clients and their assets, which, if falls into the wrong hands can result in a major catastrophe for the clients and for the financial institution itself. Therefore, a proactive approach to strengthening the security measures to protect the digital infrastructure is necessary to avoid any vulnerabilities to such threats. Data Security has surfaced as a top level concern for executive teams in most financial services organization, as the impact of any cyber-attack might not be limited to just business or political consequences, but could extend to larger concerns including public and national security. Economic growth in many developing
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