The Self Driving Car Launched By Google Inc. Essay

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Technological advancement as a fact of human intelligence has always been inspirational. We are delighted to view all the progress of technology and artificial intelligence that brings convenience to human beings and our planet as a whole. However, technology, which has been considered good in itself, is invading in almost all the industries and starting to replace human professions. When we walk into a grocery stores, we can see self-checkout machines happily and efficiently doing their calculations. The self-driving car launched by Google Inc. has also drawn great attention of the public. The faster, safer, and more accurate characteristics of technology completely exceed the function of human labors. Therefore, should we expect a future where technology and artificial intelligence steal a large majority of human professions? Will most people eventually become jobless and, as a result, receive no income? However, despite its superiority over human labor, technology has a number of limitations that can never supersede human creativity, moral ethics, and the function of human labor in the tremendous world of economics. Historically, technology had been a net creator of human professions. In economics, technology is a crucial element of productivity as well as a measure of job quantity. In an economics chart with two lines denoting productivity and employment respectively, they had closely tracked each other for a long period of time after World War II (Rotman). The
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