The Shock Factor of A Modest Proposal by by Johnathan Swift

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Rhetorical Analysis of “A Modest Proposal” “A Modest Proposal” by Johnathan Swift was intended to use shock factor as incentive to get the British Parliament to come up with a workable plan to deal with the multitude of poor children in Ireland (Swift). If logic is applied to the proposal, ignoring the fact that the proposal was not meant to be taken seriously and the blatant sometimes over-the-top sarcasm occasionally used, several parts of it would cause an uproar and quite possibly a revolution if implementation were ever attempted, and there was even a hint that enforcement of it was to occur. Jonathon Swift was born on the 30th of November 1667 in Dublin, Ireland and died on the 19th of October 1745 in the same (Johnathon Swift). He father died before he was born and his mother had a hard time supporting him on her own. She ended up giving him to his uncle on his father's side so that he could have the best possible future (Johnathon Swift). As a child he was always sick and was later diagnosed with Meniere's Disease (Johnathon Swift). Meniere's Disease causes nausea and hearing problems due to a condition of the inner ear (Johnathon Swift) Swift went to Kilkenny Grammar School until he turned 14 and started his undergraduate studies at Trinity College (Johnathon Swift). At the age of nineteen he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College in Dublin (Johnathon Swift). He was an ordained priest as well as a satirical writer who published many of his

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