The Short Story Of Captain Knockout

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In a city where bad guys lurk around in the dark but, there is this one bad guy who never comes out for somewhat reason but, no one knows. Until a superhero named Captain Knockout [aka] CK. Captain Knockout was told by the agent visility to “Find out what this madman was up to.” Captain knockout has blond hair and he wears a super tight suit with a cape and his biceps are huge tanks. When CK found the bad guys secret hide out he saw a tall figure tall as a giraffe. The tall figure was doing some weird stuff on a device. Captain Knockout yelled,”STOP RIGHT THERE.” The tall figure turned around with his hands up and said,”Hello there Captain Knockout.” CK replied,”Who are you.” The tall figure replied,”I’m Mr.Nobody.” Mr.Nobody was a tall guy with a black mask and he had a long black jacket that goes down to his shins. Captain knockout went up to him but in a matter of seconds Mr.Nobody threw down a ball of smoke and disappeared. After Mr.Nobody leaves CK reads Mr.Nobody’s secret plan which was to rule the universe. So Captain Knockout reported everything he knew about Mr.Nobody

The next day Captain Knockout went back to the layer but when he got there everything was empty. So he figured that Mr.nobody knew what i was up to and he found a new secret layer. After that he went to the tool shop because that’s where Mr.Nobody’s next destination for his plan. So he waited there for about 30 minutes and once he finally came out CK waited until he left so he could follow

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