The Siege of the Iranian Embassy Essay

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The Siege of the Iranian Embassy

On April 30th 1980 a six man Iraqi terrorist group burst into the Iranian embassy. The embassy in Princes Gate, London, contained 20 people, which included a police constable. The terrorist wanted the release of 91 political prisoners from jail in Iran and a plane for them to escape. If their demands were not met they would execute all the hostages and blow up the Embassy. The Metropolitan Police invited B Squadron, 22 SAS onto the scene. Within hours of the siege starting they had set up observation posts and where monitoring the terrorists. Major Jeremy Phipps who had been in the SAS for 15 years, and had fought in Borneo and Oman now commanded B squadron. He …show more content…

He later received burns after SAS stun and CS gas set the Embassy on fire.

As the frontal assault team was breaking through the front, the terrorist leader tried to open fire on them but was brought to the ground by hostage PC Trevor Lock. Trevor lock then attempted to arrest the terrorist but the SAS soldiers pushed Trevor Lock off and then shot the terrorist dead. As SAS soldiers swept through the building, another terrorist was shot 21 times as he pointed a Browning pistol at the SAS team. Sim Harris, one of the hostages, then made his escape through one of the windows that had been blasted open by the entry.

Sim Harris sas

The escape of Sim Harris The SAS prepare for the siege.

helped by the SAS.

fire at the Iranian embassy

The fire caused by the CS and Stun gas.

In the Embassy's telex room three terrorists started to shoot the male hostages when they heard gunfire and explosions. One hostage was killed and two others were wounded. As one of the terrorists drew a grenade, he was shot by the first SAS man to enter the room. Another terrorist was then shot. One tried to hide among the hostages, but as the latter were being bundled out of the building he was spotted with a grenade in his hands. An SAS soldier clubbed him to the floor with his Heckle and Koch MP5 and he was then shot 39 times. He was the fourth terrorist to die during the siege; the

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