The Significance of Nazi Propaganda under Hitler's Rule Essay

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The Significance of Nazi Propaganda under Hitler's Rule The appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor of Germany in 1933 should, in theory, have been nothing more than merely a change of administration. However, from the start of their ‘seizure of power’ the Nazis were prepared to apply this power in ‘revolutionary’ ways. (Fest, 1974, p.373). In the elections of 1933 that resulted in Hitler’s chancellorship, the Nazi party only managed to gain 43.9% of the vote; yet by 1939 they had the support of the majority of the German population. There has been much debate during the last fifty years, questioning how Nazism managed not only to have initially attained their power, but also, how they managed to…show more content…
Moreover, underlying all of these arguments is the existence of terror and repression within the regime which cannot be ignored if attempting to ask why Hitler was able to maintain power from 1933-39. Following the Nazi ‘seizure of power’ in 1933, Joseph Goebbels, the head of the newly formed Ministry of Propaganda, stressed how important it was to centrally control propaganda. He said It is not enough for people to be more or less reconciled to our regime, to be persuaded to adopt a neutral attitude toward us; rather we want to work on people until they have capitulated to us, until they grasp ideologically that what is happening in Germany today not only must be accepted but also can be accepted. (Lee, 1998, p.33) According to David Welch, Goebbels attempted to do this through four propaganda themes. Firstly appeal to national unity and attempt to promote the idea of a ’people’s community (Volksgemeinschaft); secondly attempt to establish a ‘Führer cult’ (Führerprinzip); thirdly, closely linked with the idea of a ‘people’s community’ was the idea of a need to establish racial purity, and finally propaganda would be used to direct hatred towards the Jews and the Bolsheviks (The Third Reich – Politics and Propaganda, 1995, p.52). Whilst all of these aims have a significant part to play when attempting to answer
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