The Significant Principles of Management Communications

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Research Paper: The Significant Principles of Management Communications
Mia A. Rapier
BUS 600: Management Communication with Technology Tools
Instructor Cheryl Moore
July 27, 2014

It’s been understood that “communication in business involves a complex set of unwritten rules governing speech, written correspondence and body language that varies in different parts of the world” (Ingram, 2014). Communication is the essential component of business, “from the entry-level manager to the seasoned venture capitalist, can benefit from paying attention to communication etiquette in business” (Ingram, 2014). Both verbal and nonverbal communication in the business world allows for a more fluid transmission of information and policy. It …show more content…

Interpersonal communication is an attribute practiced by most daily; through conversations, cues like arm crossing, eye rolling or eyebrow raising, even crying, all of these nonverbal cues express communication. In the business world interpersonal communication is a vital component in overall communication. “How well we communicate with others is a measure of our interpersonal skills. Interpersonal communication is a key life skill and can be used to: give and collect information, influence the attitudes and behaviour of others, form contacts and maintain relationships, and make decisions and solve problems” (Skills You Need, 2014). I have personally employed interpersonal communication skills with former colleagues to ensure that my intended message was received correctly and to emphasize certain aspects of my speech. When talking with a subordinate who was very skilled at her position but who also spoke English as a second language and at times had difficulty communication with clients, I would always reinforce my language with hand gestures and head nods. By supplementing my words with actions I was providing a secondary cue to my employee to substantiate what I was speaking about. Additionally, by asking specific questions about the topic at-hand, and nodding when she answered correctly or when she provided a correct

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