The Silencing of Mary Dyer

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Society has not changed much since the time of Mary Dyer. Challenges surface left and right to people undeserving. No one should stand down to what they believe in. Today, individuals are faced with much discrimination, but religious discrimination seems to stand out the most. Everyone is left with a choice to make despite what society has to say. Just like Mary Dyer. Mary Dyer was a Quaker. Quakers are a group of people with Christian roots. Quakers believe in equality. They don’t like it when others try to be better than what they really are. Quakers believe that there is God in every single human being. They are mostly concerned with human rights, social justice, peace, freedom of conscience, environmental issues, and community life. (BBCNews) Mary Dyer was born in England. She ended up marrying a man named William Dyer in London on October 27, 1633. William Dyer was a milliner in the new exchange and also a member of the Fishmonger’s company. Unlike Mary, he was a Puritan. Mary, and her husband William, were above the average education levels. They were admitted in the Boston Church after they immigrated to Massachusetts. After William became a fee man of the Bay colony, he became involved with a lot of public relations and soon had a lot of importance among the people. (Notable Women Ancestors) Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer were friends. Mary and her husband supported Anne in the antinomian controversy, which was “One of the most
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