The Silent Struggle For Well Water Users

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The Silent Struggle for Well Water Users Located in a small town of Licking county lays Brownsville. A town with less than 150 homes and no more than 300 people. While everything seems to be normal on the outside of the home, the inside is the quiet struggle of many people living in this town. Brownsville has well water that destroys many household items, including but not limited to, utilities, dishware, and clothes. While not all Well water is bad, Brownsville has water that has a fifteen iron count level, which is higher than normal. Well water in Brownsville Ohio is an issue that needs to be addressed and there are many solutions to the problem but the best solution is purchasing a Kinetico Water System. Evidence Figure one: Figure …show more content…

Although residents do not have to pay for Well water, the price does not come free when items of the home need replaced. As the home owner, the family purchases five gallons of water at a one dollar a piece, throughout the week for meal preparation and drinking. This totals to $260.00 at the end of the year. Money is also spent on replacing clothes for the family of five that have stained orange, and in the future, will need to be spent on replacing household cooking utensils and pots; as well as the shower, toilet and kitchen sink. Past Attempts for Resolution Previous attempts have been made to fix this issue. The previous home owner had installed a new Kenmore water softener, in which the owners had to continue to add three 15lb bags of Morton salt to clear up the iron that was going through the system. This brand of water system costs up to 600 dollars and once every two weeks had to have new salt put in, which costs fifteen dollars a bag. This put the home owner spending 90 dollars a month on salt, which turned into 1,080 dollars in a year. Because Brownsville has such hard, salt filled water and was an electric unit, the Kenmore system broke after a year. This leads into discussion of one of a few options that home owners can have. Option One: Kinetico Home Water System In order to have a good working water system that works for this hard water, homeowners in Brownsville could purchase the Kinetico home water system. The

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