The Similarities And Differences Of Rob Hall And Scott Fischer

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Two of the most influential people in the book were Rob Hall and Scott Fischer. Between their similarities and differences they seemed to be more of the same person even though they weren’t close friends. They were dedicated to their love of climbing all over the world and spreading the joyous moments with clients that wanted the same experience. Rob and Scott met in the 1980’s, and they spent a great deal of their time together in 1989 and 1994 on Mount Everest together. They were business rivals but because they continued to cross each other's paths on Everest they considered themselves to be friends.Their friendship started in 1992 while the two were climbing K2, the world's second highest mountain. In 1996 they’d made a pact together …show more content…

He had drawn people in with his enthusiasm, generosity and his manic energy that he had.He had a personality that kept him friends for the rest of his life. He attended high school until he graduated and moved west to follow a dream he saw on Television. To start this he enrolled in Outward Bound Style Wilderness course in Wyoming. He then decided to stay in the West permanently and found some seasonal employment as a NOLS instructor, the same that runs the Outward Bound Style Wilderness course. After that he found a love for climbing, he put it as his top priority and never looked back. At 18 he met the love of his life, moved to seattle and had 2 kids. He started his own business, mountain madness in 1984 where he developed a climbing reputation. In 1955, he successfully guided broad peak in Karakoram range of Pakistan. He attempted to climb Mount Everest four times and he reached the top once but not as a guide. His first attempt occurred in 1996 as a leader of commercial expedition. He was able to climb full time from the help of his wife. When it came to him climbing he survived a number of experiences that should have taken his life but he got lucky. He was known to push his physical limitations with his astonishing will. He didn't seem to care how much pain he was in, he wasn't the type to turn back because of a sore foot, hed push forward and keep climbing. He …show more content…

Rob didn’t graduate high school and fischer did. They both shared a passion for climbing. Scotts passion seem to come from the joy and happiness his clients experienced when they reached the top, material things. Rob seemed to care about the money and publicity that he got when he got his clients to the top. Fischer and Hall both wanted to be recognized they just wanted it in two very different ways. Fischer seems to be closer to his climbers but allows believed they deserved free rein to hike up and down the mountain independently. However, Rob believed that his group needed to stay together during the acclimatization period. Fischer and Hall were both good people from the bottom of their hearts. Fischer held a fundraiser, raising half a million dollars for a charity called CARE. Rob on the other hand cleared five tons of garbage from base camp when visiting with an old business partner. As a result of this it turned into a money hungry reward to get other people to start cleaning up one of his favorite

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