The Similiarities between Christianity and Judaism Rituals

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The Similarities Between Christianity and Judaism Rituals

Out of all the religions in the world Christianity and Judaism in my opinion have the most similar rites and rituals. They also share many beliefs and flow many of the same rules. Even though some of the rituals might seem like they are completely different, when you look deeply and find the true meaning, you will see that most of the time they share the same message. But even with all of these similarities its the differences that make them unique and these differences are what splits them apart. The three main similarities in both Christianity and Judaism is the first step into adult hood, the last step into adult hood and the Shabbat and the Sabbath.

In christianity the first step into adult hood is baptism. A baptism usually happened when you are still a baby. The purpose of a baptism is to purify and surrender yourself to god. But this ritual doesn't always happen at birth. Some parents will wait until there son or daughter is older so they can make this decision for them selfs. Judaism has something that is a little unorthodox its called circumcision. Circumcision is a process where they cut off a section of the foreskin. This also usually happens when you are a baby. Genies 17 in the Tanakh has a section where they talk about circumcision. But not all jewish people practice this ritual. It depends on which branch you are.

In Christianity one of the most important rituals is called conformation. This

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