The Situation Of Rakhine State

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National Identity is the feeling of a nation as an adhesive whole, each nation is represented by a distctive set of traditions,culture, language and politics. One’s national identity is the sense of belonging to a state or nation, this feeling is shared by a group of people, regardless of legal status of citizenships status. the situation of Rakhine State is one of a pernicious mixture of historical centre- periphery tensions, serious inter communal and inter-religious conflict with minority Muslim communities as well as extreme poverty and under development. This has lead to major violence highlighted in 2012 with further sporadic outbreaks. The failure to suitably deal with the situation has impacted the country as a whole and national identity. As Burma is recreating itself as an open society at peace with its many minorities and embracing diversity. Muslim communities, however in particular the Rohingya, who have over the years been increasingly progressively marginalised from social and political life, In other words obliterated from the national identity. Almost all have long been denied a full citizenship, with significant repercussions. There are now efforts underway in the legislation to disenfranchise them which could be incendiary. Many of the Rohingya believe that this is the last remaining connection to a mean of influence and politics. Without this, it would be difficult for them to bypass the conclusion that the politics have failed them as a community which

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