The Situation Presented In “Sonnet 13: My Mistress’ Eyes

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The situation presented in “Sonnet 13: My Mistress’ Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun”, written by William Shakespeare, is that a man has a mistress who he finds less attractive and uninteresting but who he loves. Shakespeare writes the poem about his dull mistress. This poem triggers realization through relatability. Once I really figured out what this line could mean, it clicked that there was no affair, but that in everything he described he really loves his mistress. The overall message of this poem is that, when someone doubts any type of relationship, they should realize that it will not benefit them in any way to continue it. The speaker begins by stating that “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;” (line 1) because they have no …show more content…

Yet again she is receiving a negative compliment just like the two previous lines. Basing all his thoughts thus far on physicality that she lacks, but what she does have is displeasing in his perception. Line 11 explains “I grant I never saw a goddess go;”. Interpreting that he has not met someone so far that is that high on his expectations or dream. Clearly, she is not a goddess. Line 12 explains how that when she does walk, she “treads on the ground.” Treading when walking is not merely something to dismiss in a reader 's mind, it means something deeper. How she has a significant walk that is distinct. Line 13 and 14 entail “And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare.” By heaven is like him saying ‘I swear’, so he believes that his love that is given is rare but is misrepresented. Misrepresented in the way that even through all these backhanded compliments he actually does love her. Using a unique way of describing it, unlike any other ordinary man. More thinking causes a feeling of separation, separating your feelings because as humans we do not enjoy or like that feeling of being lonely, sad, depressed. As a human instinct, we protect ourselves and block this feeling by pushing the emotions away and I thought that is what our writer did at first, however, he is not sad and depressed. The writer 's tone is just emotionless with

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