The Slave Trade Route between Africa and North America Essay

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The slave trade route between Africa and North America was known as the Middle Passage. From the early 1500s to the mid-1900s Africans were treated poorly and had suffered greatly from the journey of the Middle Passage. The Middle Passage first started out by shipping four hundred fifty thousand people to the New World and then extended to almost thirteen million Africans. Africans were boarded onto ships to the New World in two major locations in Africa in which are Angola and Gabon. An outrageous number of Africans were taken to the new World from Angola. Five hundred million and four hundred ninety thousand kidnapped Africans from Angola were on ships traveling to North America and parts of the Caribbean’s in which then were sold as …show more content…

Each ship was to carry a maximum of four hundred and fifty one Africans but the Americans had fit six hundred people. Buckets were scattered around the ships that had suffocated many children. Many of the Africans that were in these ships were primarily boys. Girls that were boarded were between the ages of 15 and older. Equiano who was an enslaved African describes his experience with the Americans when he first entered the ship. When Equiano first entered the ship his strength was tested by the Americans by being poked very hardly which conveyed the profits that the Americans would make when selling him in the American slave markets. The Middle Passage was a successful and prosperous journey for the Americans because the selling of slaves brought big profits and it had increased the wealth for many Americans; it became the foundation for the American colonies. Once Africans were enslaved they were quickly brought to plantations by their slave owners to cultivate farmlands and clear out land that slave owners were in need of. Many slaves became sick and had passed away shorty after being taken by their slave owners. Some Africans made it through the harsh journey of the Middle Passage but because they were not accustomed to the weather in North America and in the Caribbean’s they became very ill. The Americans became responsible for the deaths

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