The Slavery Of The Civil War

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In pre-Civil War America, it was a common occurrence to witness Black families torn apart, sold off as property, and treated in hateful, vile manors in the name of a higher God. Many slave owners retained the firm belief that due to slavery being beneficial to them and the lack of clear-cut condemnation in scripture, it was a divine institution beneficial to both the slave and slave owner themselves. As a result, these ideals led to further enslavement and abuse, exploiting Blacks so that the slave owners could capitalize off of their work. Although many pro-slavery advocates assert that their actions are just through biblical claims, Douglass argues that Christianity has been twisted into an excuse by slaveholders to justify the institution of slavery. George Freeman makes a good example for those blinded by looking between the lines in scripture, claiming, "Neither do we find anything in the writings of the Apostles condemnatory of slavery… Not a word, disapproving the practice, ever fell from his lips.” Douglass believes that Freeman and many other pro-slavery advocates who support their claims through scripture are misguided cowards hiding behind their perverted view of Christianity. These individuals strike him as similar Covey, a poor farmer from his childhood with a reputation of being a tricky slave-breaker. In Douglass’ narrative, he exclaims, “Poor man! Such was his disposition, and success at deceiving, I do verily believe that he sometimes deceived himself into

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