The Slavery Of The Cotton Gin By Eli Whitney

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1. Many Americans had expected the practice of slavery to die. Americans were given this impression in relation to decreasing tobacco production due to lack of fertile soil (Foner, 317). However, Americans would be presented with factors that would lead to an expansion in slavery. The expansion of slavery deteriorated already terrible conditions for slaves; slave families would be separated and many female slaves faced imminent forced reproduction with studs or white males. In the 1790’s the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney sparked an increase in cotton production in the South. The cotton gin decreased the labor time it took to pick seeds from the cotton. Slave owners moved or sold their slaves to deep Southern states…show more content…
American slave holders answered by creating more hardships and suffrage on slaves. While the Northern states experienced a greater impact due to the market revolution the market revolution also impacted slavery expansion. The introduction of new transportation and steam power decreased the time it took to ship goods and improved canal production. As well, goods could now travel up stream. The number of large cities near rivers and lakes increased and economics boomed throughout the country. Due to the market revolution New England experienced an industrial revolution. Work in factories created mass produced items that were previously made at home or bought locally. This changed the American family structure, women were now working in mills. Farmer’s daughters worked in the textile mills and boarded nearby. Their leisure time was spent in church or school. Families now had multiple sources of income, incomes would be impacted by the arrival of German and Irish immigrants. Irish immigrants settled in New England and were willing to work unskilled job for low wages, while Germans settled around the North and sought skilled jobs for lower wages. The industrial revolution further alienated the North and South. Southern states did not have the resources to benefit from the revolution. In 1819 Missouri requested through congress to submit a state constitution in order to join the Union. Northern politicians
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