The Sniper Literary Analysis

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In the three pieces of text, “The Leap,” “The Contents of a Deadman’s pocket,” “The Sniper,” the three stories all have similar but contrasting literary elements. Setting, Theme, Characters, and conflicts. As you read you will learn of the 4 literary elements.

The setting in the 3 pieces of text had led all of the protagonists to conflicts. “Contents of a Deadman’s pocket.” “Now balance easily and firmly, stood on the ledge outside in the slight, chill, breeze, eleven stories above the street, staring into his own apartment, odd and different.” At first the author makes the protagonist move into the situation of his first internal conflict. The story’s setting is set high up; eleven stories to be exact, is similar to the 2nd setting
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In “The Contents of a Deadman’s pocket,” Tom, the protagonist changes not just due to the events of the story but his internal event. Tom fights not only his surroundings, but himself. “When the Sniper reached the lane way on the street level, he felt a sudden curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed.” At the beginning of the story the young man had been described as someone who was used to death, before he would have just brushed it off; but after the encounter he something entirely different; just like in “The contents of a Deadman’s pocket.” While his events where all external events. “My mother’s leap through the ice-dark air toward the thinnest extension.” The protagonist before never used her acrobatics after the death of her husband. But she changed as soon as a problem arises and she bolts into action. While she did change due of an event as a whole; she changed as soon as the event started. While the other two protagonists changed after an event. The theme and conflict in the 3 stories are similar. The story, “The Contents of a Dead man’s pocket,” He saw the yellow sheet drop out of the window and slide over out of sight.” The character had a conflict that contributed towards further conflicts. While his conflicts were out on a ledge, others were elsewhere; in a
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