The Sniper Short Story Analysis

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Liam O’Flaherty is the author of this short story The Sniper. I enjoyed reading this short story very much. The main character in this story is a Republican sniper, and throughout the story calmly stares into the face of death. This story takes place in Dublin, Ireland, where the Republicans are waging civil war against the Free Staters. In this story our Sniper is having a possibly lethal conflict with another sniper across the street. The other sniper has him pinned down on the rooftop. Unable to do anything at the moment, the sniper has to quickly come up with something, or his situation may cost him his life. Quickly, he comes up with a clever plan. He is able to defeat his foe, barely escaping with his life. He hurries over to the body, eager to see the face of the man he has just killed. After after turning it over, he is astonished to be staring into the face of his brother. The sniper displayed smarts, courage, but also remorse.
During the story, our sniper is faced with impossible odds. He will have to think fast in order to stay alive. In order to fool the other sniper, he will have to come up with an ingenious plan. If this plan does not succeed, the sniper will surely be killed.” By taking off his cap, and placing it over the muzzle of his rifle he stuck it out over the parapet.”( O’Flaherty pg.213).The trick succeeded and the other sniper took a shot at the hat.” He then drops his rifle onto the street to make it look like he is dead. The other sniper, thinking

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