The Social Meaning Of Hamlet's Tragic Image

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First, we will offer the general idea of Hamlet. Then, we will display some features of Hamlet’s tragic image in a tragic perspective. And after that, we will analysis in detail on the cause of Hamlet’s tragic image. And finally we will draw a conclusion on the social meaning of Hamlet’s tragic image.
1. The General Idea of Hamlet
Hamlet tells a story about the Denmark prince Hamlet’s revenge plan. Hamlet’s father died two months before the story begins. His father was King of Denmark and Hamlet was his only son. The king died a strange death while he was sleeping in the garden of his castle. It was believed that he had been bitten to death by a poisonous snake. He was such a wise and kind king that he was loved by all the people in the nation. His son, Hamlet, of course, loved him far more than anyone else in the world.
Hamlet was so sad and sorrowful that he never stopped wearing black clothes. There was something else which made Hamlet even sadder. His mother, Gertrude, married Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, who was a brother of the late king. After Hamlet’s father died, Claudius became King of Denmark and married Gertrude. Young Hamlet did not like him because he was not as wise and kind as his father. He was a man of unkindly character. Hamlet did not in the least want his mother to marry such a man. He became angry with both of them and came to despise his mother as well as his uncle.
The bell of the castle was ringing. It was exactly midnight. Suddenly a ghost in the form

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