The Sociological Study Of Culture

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The focus of the readings was the sociological study of culture. This week’s readings centered on the idea of culture being study in a social perspective and how it interacts with other aspects of the society as a whole. Not many individuals thought that the idea of culture can play a role in how people act and how it influences the society. In the article “Introduction” by Matt Wray, it introduces the study of culture and how culture is define by sociologists. The article also further explains the difference between cultural sociology to just sociology. Normally, one would expect the two to be similar concepts as both deal with sociology. However, both topics focus on different aspects in the society as cultural sociology would focus on culture and how it influences human action and social order. While sociology is a broader topic that would center on several but similar ideas that involves the interactions between individuals and the society. The article introduces the three major theoretical perspective: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism. Under these three theoretical perspective, it explains the importance of culture and how they differ depending on the perspective that culture is study under. In addition, it was surprising to discover that there are building blocks that outlines what culture is in the society. Another article that focus on the study of culture was “Culture as a Toolkit” by Ann Swidler. The article argues that culture is not a

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