The Sociology Of Education

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Sociology of education talks about how education plays a role in our society and how it affects the interaction between people. Understating the sociology of education is crucial for everyone from policymakers to parents and especially students because education allows people to move forward in life. Besides winning the lottery, the only way to make a lot of money depends on how much you have studied. How much you studied plays a big role in how much you make, what type of people you interact with and how your life or even your children life will look like. That’s why any problem with education becomes societal problem thus understanding it allows us to understand society better. However, this does not imply that those people that are rich or successful had a lot of education and those that are poor didn’t. One of the most important you can’t do when you are trying to understand the sociology of education is believe in meritocracy. Saying that everyone had the same chance and those people that are poor deserve to be poor because they didn’t study they did nothing with their life, therefore, they are poor. However, this is not the case, because “race, gender, family background, home environment, and the racial composition of a student are important factor affecting student achievement” (Pg277)

Education seems to be the only pathway toward success in the United State of America and in order for anyone to succeed our policymaker must not fail our student. One of the

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