The Solar Eclipse Adventures : Solar Eclipse Adventures

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Solar Eclipse Adventures The solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime event that people from all over the state, the country, and the world came to see. There was much talk around the country about the upcoming eclipse; some people were very interested in it while others, like myself, were not. Everyone did something different on the day of the eclipse; some went to special places while others might’ve stayed home.
My adventure on the eclipse took me down to the Meramec River with three dogs, three kayaks, my dad, and my sister. The morning started off warm, with no breeze and a temperature of about eighty degrees. The plans for the day were to go on a float trip putting in at Sappington Bridge and paddling down to the Meramec Bridge, but we had gotten a late start so plans didn’t go accordingly. On the way up to my shed to get our dusty, green kayaks out, I opened the gate and the metal piping was sizzling hot. My hands were burning after opening both gates for the truck to go through. After opening up the shed and picking up the kayaks, we maneuvered them out the door of the shed. We loaded them up on the truck, ratcheted them down, and headed to Sappington Bridge. We put the kayaks in the water and paddle upstream to the first rock bar where we got out, but we weren’t the only ones on the rock bar so we had to keep our dogs down on our end. The water was slow, hardly any current at all, and the air was fresh and sweet. We debated about whether or not to stay at the river

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