The Solution Of Plastics And Pollution

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In today's time we are facing the problem of pollution, and dirty water, which is affecting our sea life as well as human life. It is a concerning problem. And although many don't infact believe in global warming, muck and smog is becoming a worsening problem as the years go on. If there is any way to overall help to decrease the amount of pollution that is is being put out, it would be a necessary option. the government is proposing a plastic bag fee that will range about 25 cents for each plastic bag.The hopeful outcome of this would be to see people bring reusable bags rather than paying for the 25 cent bag. Which would be a greater outcome in decreasing pollution in some slice of a matter way. Essentially, eliminating plastic bags over time would be necessary. If everyone were to use reusable bags to go shopping, we could seriously see a dent in the pollution amount. Plastic is so bad for our planet, it does not biodegrade and it adds harsh chemicals to our soil and water. Plastic can last in water for thousands of years, what can be seen is disrupted marine life habitats, and well as poison wildlife due to the consumption of of the chemically processed plastic. As well as seeing a increasing problem with our sea life and even our wildlife we could see a concerning problem facing pollution of our soil, due to the landfills that carry an enormous amount of plastic and littering that can be seen in larger areas. Initially, what the theory is, is the chemicals of the
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