The Song Poetry Analysis

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In The Song Poet by Kao Kalia Yang, Dawb illustrates the value of courage through staying true to her beliefs, as well as standing up for them. Dawb demonstrates courage through calling her father out for being racist, and forgiving her father for slapping her. To Dawb, courage is not only standing up for what you believe, but also being able to swallow your pride and find a way to let the past go. When Dawb calls her father racist, the author recalls, “She (Dawb) did not pull back or put her hand to her face. Dawb glared at our father, daring him to do more.” (Yang158). To start off, Dawb calling her father racist takes a great deal of courage because she is saying that the person who raised her is incorrect. Furthermore, even after her father slapped her, she did not back down. She didn’t waver in what she stood for, she was willing to risk even more punishment because she believes that strongly in her view. This shows courage because she blindly stood up for her opinion, no matter the cost. Another instance in which Dawb shows courage is when she forgives her father for slapping her. The author remembers, “Our father and Dawb’s relationship, like the coming of spring and the diminishing of cold...came naturally.” (Yang 162). Firstly, Dawb’s father committed an act of assault against her. Dawb could have chosen to not forgive her father because what he did to her was not right. However, she found the strength and resilience to do so, to let him back into her life and to

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