The Son's Veto Analysis

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One of the ways Hardy evokes a sense of contrast between the two settings with the use of triads. Evidence for these can be seen when he describes the initial setting, “…with trees and shrubs and glebe”. He then goes one to describe the second setting, the more industrial of the two as a “…vista of sooty trees, hazy air, and drab house-facades”. This helps the reader to visualize and compare the two settings, for example, when he describes the initial setting as having “trees” whilst the second setting, he describes as having “sooty trees”, making it easy for the reader to work out the differences and contrasts between the two settings.
Hardy also uses personification to enhance the image in the readers mind. He describes the
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Randolph, the son of Sophy and the Reverend, is a boy that has been brought up by expensive education, therefore adapting an upper class mindset, which is what his parents were aiming to do. Evidence of this is abundant, when Hardy writes, “her only child, on whose education no expense had been and would be spared” and his upper class mindset can be found when the author writes about Randolph’s, “aristocratic school-knowledge”. As a result of the fact the Randolph’s mom belongs to the lower class, whilst all his friends at parents who were, “…proud fathers and mothers; but never a poor mother like her.” (Her meaning Sophy). As a result, the reader can conclude from the evidence that Randolph is an upper class boy whose parents had sacrificed wealth and time to bring up, only for the mother to be neglected by him due to her lower class statues.
Later in the story, Sophy asks Randolph if she can marry the man she has always loved, Sam. Quite unsurprisingly, Randolph rejects the idea, as having 2 parents in low classes in the hierarchy would be a liability to his profile in the upper class. However, Randolph injects venom into his rejection, saying, “I am ashamed of you! It will ruin me! A miserable boor! A churl! A clown! It will degrade me in the eyes of all the gentlemen of England! '” (You being Sophy). It can now be fully interpreted, that Randolph is a member of the
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