The Souls Of Black Folk And Three Negro Classics

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The Souls of Black Folk and Three Negro Classics are stories of the new class of taught African Americans that perform duties. Du Bois said “I taught school in the hills of Tennessee where the broad dark vale of the Mississippi begins to roll and crumple to greet the Alleghenies” (253). That they found themselves able to ace this world but hold relationship for the untaught masses gave an illustration to other instructed African Americans of how to handle the issue of the covering that separated the lives of whites and African Americans. The stories of these show the changed in the education of African American as Du Bois explores; proving to make do with the learning and surviving of this contrast is one of the huge commitments of The Souls of Black Folk and Three Negro Classics. Every chapter is introduced by an illustration from a great poet, at times in the language of the initially, and under every illustration is a bar of music from a thoughtful author Du Bois called such music "Divine Songs". Du Bois ' college at Fisk University, was very well known for making the domain mindful of these melodies by having its gospel choir travel to Europe and the United States singing what had been the statement of slaves; the integration of the bar of this music in a composed structure was accordingly a declaration of social awareness. “When they were past, I came by chance once more to the walls of Fisk University, to the halls of the chapel of melody” said Du Bois. (258)
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