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The Space Race; a period in time, more than a two decades of space exploration. Its competitors, USA vs USSR. Its length consisting of no more than 12 years yet giving increased knowledge of flight and the sky and space above it. It consisted of more than thirty overall successful launches and through each abysmal failure brought new success. The launches increased the overall knowledge of space and brought new ideas and questions into peoples minds. Sci-Fi sprung up from the ideas that the events brought. It gave humans new ideas, new thoughts. The purpose of this paper is to increase the remembrance of that period of space exploration.
My paper will consist of some amount of sections; each explaining certain event(s). The first section
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Sputnik 2’s success was amazing it launched the first living being into space. The animal was a Part Husky- Part Terrier stray off the streets of Moscow. Sputnik 2 had a cone like top connected to a large spherical cockpit. The cockpit had a small bed as well as a feeding tube and a water tube. Laika was strapped down in the small bed for the journey with seven days supply of food. Computers monitored Laika’s heart rate and oxygen purifiers kept the dog alive. Sadly the mission had no return launch. Meaning Laika is now floating lost in space.
Laika was Sputnik 2’s passenger the dog was a Part Husky-Terrier mix. Laika was the first animal in space. Explorer 1 was the first American Launch. It was a man-sized cylinder shaped satellite with four antennas for broadcasting information. It held inside many scientific tools which helped this US rocket make the first space discovery; The Van Allen Radiation Belt. The Van Allen Radiation belt had two layers of energetic particles caught in the Earths gravitational pull. The belt is located in the exosphere layer of the atmosphere. Explorer 2 bore a striking resemblance to Explorer 1 yet it contained different Scientific equipment to further explorer the atmosphere and space around earth. However it was destroyed when the launch containing the satellite failed to liftoff. The failed liftoff consisted of the shuttle splitting in two and exploding thereby destroying the probe. This probe

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