The Space Race : The World War II

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Ethan Renelt
Ms. DeGreef
English IV
9 March 2017
The Space Race The Struggle for dominance continued after World War II, as two great super powers clashed, the Soviet Union, and America. America fought for Capitalism, and the Soviet Union for Communism, so it was a struggle for global supremacy. Technology and war move together hand in hand. The creation of the nuclear war head led to the creation of a rocket that could deliver them. It was not just a race; it was not about pride. National security and world peace were all at stake. The rocket was not just a weapon of war; it was a tool of adventure. Wernher von Braun always had an interest in rockets. At a young age, he would attach sky rocket fireworks to go-carts and ride them down …show more content…

“By the time he was twenty, while still a student at the University of Berlin, Von Braun was recruited by the army and charged with building a rocket that was superior to the largest guns” (Cadbury 9). Von Braun had already began designing his first rocket called the A-1. It was ready to test in 1933- the same year Hitler came to power. In 1936, Hitler’s army moved to weaken Rhineland, while Von Braun was busy with his plans for the more complex A-3, and the A-4 Rocket which were so massive that new launch facilities had to be developed in Peenemunde. “The army wanted a rocket that could travel 160 miles bearing a one-ton warhead, which would land within half a mile of the target” (Cadbury 9-10). Von Braun found this to be the perfect opportunity to build “the largest and most powerful rocket ever created. “‘We were only interested in one thing – the exploration of space,’ he claimed later. ‘Our main concern was how to get the most out of the Golden Calf’” (Cadbury 10). The creation of the A-4 rocket was slow at first, major innovations were introduced by Von Braun’s team. Dr. Walter Thiel, designed the engine “to incorporate several new features that would enable it to achieve more thrust” (Cadbury 10). The fuel was injected into the engine combustion chamber as a fine spray, which allowed it to mix better with the liquid oxygen. This improved

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