The Speckled Band Analysis

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Suspect Must Appear Early in the Story Suspect must appear early in the story so readers will have a feel for who the culprit might be. The suspects must also include the criminal so readers will have a fair chance at making their own assumptions as to how the master mind behind the crime might be. This allows the readers to have a chance just like the detectives to figure out who the criminal is, and not be baffled when the criminal is not one of the main characters. The Speckled Band Doyle allows for suspects to be known in “The Speckled Band” allowing for the readers to get a sense for who may be trying to hurt Helen. Doyle allows for suspects like Dr. Roylott, the gypsies, the baboon, and the cheetah be known early so Holmes and the readers…show more content…
The readers first learn of the suspects when Holmes is telling Watson about the disappearance of Neville St. Clair. The two main suspects are the lascar and the crippled beggar, but these suspects do not include the real criminal, technically. The real criminal, however, is disguised as the beggar and Holmes proves this later in the story when he confronts the beggar. Holmes takes a sponge and washes the face of the dirty beggar to say, “let me introduce you to Mr. Neville St. Clair…” (Doyle, 1994, p. 129). In this case Doyle does provide suspects to the readers, but fails to let readers identify the real criminal because he is not known to them in the…show more content…
In the beginning of “The Empty House,” Holmes is thought to be dead, and Watson is by himself trying to solve the murder of Ronald Adair. Then Holmes just magically shows up ready to help Watson solve the case. Watson did some investigating of Ronald’s death and says, “…young Adair was not known to have any enemy…” (Doyle, 1994, p. 232). With this, readers learn that Ronald had no public enemies. However, Doyle does not provide the readers with any suspects to allow them to start to figure out who the criminal is. Therefore, when Holmes captures Colonel Moran the readers are kind of confused because they had no idea who this guy was and where he came from. Therefore, this is one of Doyle’s stories where he does not follow the steps of a good detective story, and leaves the readers wondering to the end who the criminal
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