The Speech On Universal Health Care

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Introduction It was not until 2007 that universal health care was a main issue being discussed in a presidential campaign. It has been an argument for quite a while whether or not everyone should be able to have health care. Campainists for president have talked about the issue in the past, but Obama was the one who really pushed it and it was a main part of his campaign. In Obama’s speech, “The Time Has Come for Universal Health Care”, he reasons that health care would greatly improve society as a whole. Without universal health care, more money is being used, while with universal health care, money could be saved. Obama’s argument can be accepted as valid, sound, and logically convincing because it flows, he supports his reasons, and it …show more content…

This structure that Obama produced was very fluent, it went from point A, to point B, then to point C. He guided his audience smoothly and logically. By the time the speech was over, many were possibly on his side of the argument because it was that persuasive. Obama successfully structured his speech to argue his point of view and persuade his audience to feel the same.
Obama has an abundance of reasons and support in his universal health care speech. Within the speech, multiple premises, one of which states the health care crisis is “ economically untenable” in some people’s eyes (Obama, 2007). He rebuts this by saying that we actually pay more when people are uninsured. For example, when an American, who is not insured, goes into an emergency room, “we pay even more” (Obama, 2007). What is even more upsetting is that family premiums are “$922 higher” because we have to pay for those who are uninsured. Obama again throws out support by adding that “we pay $15 billion more in taxes” because the uninsured are unable to pay for the care they receive (Obama, 2007). Another premise he brings up is how much money is spent towards unnecessary commodities, such as bills and paperwork. Obama stated that industries around the world have saved billions just by switching to updated technology. People in those countries are able to make a bank transaction for less than a penny. The Veterans Administration now costs next to nothing to look at a

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