The Speech On Young Mistakes

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Young Mistakes As adolescents we search for ways to have fun parties, drugs, and sex. In the process we make choices without thinking them through, which we will sooner or later regret. While the mistakes I’ve made weren’t as bad as other’s. There is one that I will regret the most. Smoking marijuana and my mom finding out about it. I regret it the most seeing that it pained her most, seeing her beloved son intoxicated. Woke up, got out of bed enthusiastically knowing it was Friday, and wanting my weekend to start as soon as possible. In school I met up with my friends “Hey, Luis wanna go to a party tonight?” … “I’m not sure my mom would let me, but I’ll try” I said. At the end of the day I headed home, hoping my mom would let me go to the party. I thought of bribing her in order to persuade her in letting me go. Maybe sneaking out at night if she didn’t let. But knowing how much she trusted me I knew she would approve. “Hey ma can I go to a party with my friends tonight?” Without giving it much thought she approved. “Just don’t do drugs while you’re there” she added. I got ready for the party; I called up my friends and asked them where to meet up. When it was time to head out, she stopped me and restated what she mentioned earlier. “Mom I promise I won’t do drugs.” Her face expression showed doubt. “I trust you’ll keep your word to me as my son.” I smiled and said, “Yes ma, I promise.” We arrived at the party, but before we even went in the smell of people

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