The Spread of Christianity Throughout Europe Essay

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The single most important aspect of European empires, beginning just prior to the fall of Rome, is the spread of Christianity to all areas of the continent in as little as a few hundred years. Many theologians state that Christianities spread is the indirect influence of God and the adoration of people to one true faith. Though it is true that Christianity has brought about people that even atheists could call saints, it is unquestionable that Christianity was so monumental because it united larger groups of people and its spread is contributed to adherence to local customs and its lack of new ideas in comparison to other religions of the day. As the greatest empire in the western world began to crumble one city at a time, the leader …show more content…

These reasons are the undoubted reasons for moving the capital to such a strong and protected city, despite Rome’s significant morale association to the people. As the empire began to fall in Western Europe, the barbarian chieftains also used Constantine’s idea of conversion to unite their neighboring tribes. Some used the justification after a battle and others claimed it to be divine intervention that bought about their baptisms, but the end result was the beginning of nations that exist to this day. Christianity was unlike other religions of the time in that it was a monotheistic worship though transcendentalism. The religions of Northern and Central Europe focused on gods in nature that explained the world around them. Christianity does not allow an explanation of this life, only that of existence in itself and the afterlife. The religions of these people at the time was also not as much a worship and commitment as that of the Christian religion. It is actually a great surprise to anyone that studies these religions as to how it could be that a religion that focused on piety, abstinence outside of marriage, and loving one’s enemy would be more fruitful a religion than the religions of Europe at that time that promoted feasts and festivals with excessive food, drink, and even orgies. The most compelling answer is that

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