The Stamp Act: A Short Story

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It is currently 1778, and the Sun is falling on this frigid, March day. I had finished getting dressed for bed when my stepmother walked into my room. My father, Patrick Henry, had remarried to another woman when my mother, Sarah, had died. I was not eager to have a new mother, but father was happy. That makes me cheerful as well. “It is time to go to sleep, Jack,” my stepmother, Dorothea, said. “I am not tired yet,” I moaned. “Now, a thirteen year old boy like you needs his rest.” “Alright, but I would like a bedtime story if you do not mind, Dorothea.” “You know you can call me mother if you would like, and I would love to tell you a tale.” I eagerly hopped into bed, and Dorothea tucked me in. “If you do not mind,” I requested, “I …show more content…

After Patrick's failure, other colonists decided to take matters into their own states. The Stamp Act Congress was formed as well as the Sons of Liberty. After their efforts, Parliament repealed the tax, and everything turned back to normal. Although, America and England still have tension between them today.” “Is that why we are at war with Britain?” I asked. “Yes, dear, but don't worry. We are safe here in Virginia, and we would be poor from taxes if it were not for Patrick, The Sons of Liberty, and the Stamp Act Congress.” After Dorothea concluded her tale, father stepped into my room. “What is taking so long in here?” I bounced out of bed and hugged Patrick. “What is this for, Jack?” “Thank you for saving the colonies; you are my hero. I never want to see a stamp again.” “I think everyone can agree on that,” mother said. “You are welcome, son,” Patrick said. “We will conquer the British, right, father?” I asked. “Of course, and we will be a free nation too.” I smiled with reassurance; we are going to be an independent country after all, with no British monarchs to tax us. It may take a war, but America won't go down without a fight. We won't stand for another tariff without the colony's

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